Do you find yourself wondering…

  • Why choose cloth over disposables?
  • What are the different cloth and hybrid styles available?
    What do they look and feel like? And how do they each work?
  • How does their use impact your life, your pocketbook and the environment?
  • How can I home launder and what will I need to do it?
  • Will my baby really potty-train 1 year earlier by using cloth diapers?
  • Is a diaper service the right choice for me and how does it even work?

We’ll give you the lowdown on the many different styles to choose from, compare costs, and review specifics for both home laundering and our service. The class will aloe you to see in-person demos, touch and fell different diapers brands and styles.

Interested in have a personal one-on-one class or phone consultation? Feel free to contact us to schedule.


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